Welcome To the Black Pages : Gothic Index of the web

many years ago As one of the seemingly many Net-Goths around I thought I might as well have a set of pages so people out there can find me [like they're gonna want to?] and I thought 'what would be usefull and fun for me? ', and I answered [well no one else was around, it was 4:00 AM!], 'make lots of lists of bands home pages, sites of gothic interest, web addresses and of course e-mail addresses of goths on the net' [honest back then there wern't many]

As this might make up for the fact that my site has little or no content of its own. Also I wanted this index to run fast and be accessable, so I used plain text no graphics and originally frames. [since then css has been invented and matured so in Jan 2007 i re-styles the frames based site to pure css, with a javascript hack to get MS-IE to render the page simillarily]

So back then I went out and got loads [during the re-design i removed the dead links and found some of the url's they moved too] and I am still looking for more and here they are!

(If you can/can't find your name/page/band here and you want it removed/added e-mail me)

Thanx to all who gave me addresses etc. Most links pulled from surfing and reading : {update all e-mail addresses now striped to stop harvesters, and probably pulling all entries for individuals soon as so few still current}


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